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Commercial Locksmith Services
  Asking yourself, is there a commercial locksmith near me?

There is now! Mr. Locksmith MN offers a variety of commercial locksmith services for all types of businesses.

Whether you need to re-key your office, install electronic keyless locks, or you need lockout services, we are here to help. 

   We offer fast response time, affordable rates, and reliable service to save you from a potentially stressful situation.


Locksmith services for businesses and commercial

When you need a business locksmith, we are here for you.

Our locksmiths can arrive quickly to help you unlock your business or change the locks.

We offer comprehensive business locksmith services ranging from lockouts to integrated keyless entry systems and key management.


Lockout Service

Are you locked out of your business?

Stay calm and give us a call.

An experienced locksmith can unlock your door without damage.

Most retail and office locks use the same pin and tumbler system as residential locks.

These locks can be picked by a skilled locksmith to turn the handle and open the door.


Commercial Locksmith Services Including:

Door Closers


 and all your locksmith
business needs.